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The CPI rose in July by 13.2% in CLM, the highest rate since January 1984

UGT Castilla-La Mancha warns of the difficult situation that the continued rise in prices leaves many families in the region.


UGT Castilla-La Mancha is very concerned that the evolution of prices in the region continues to rise and soar to values that were not known since 1984, which keeps many Castilian familiesManchegas in a very complicated situation and with great difficulty to fill the shopping basket.

According to data published today by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), in July inflation increased by 13.2% in Castilla-la Mancha compared to July 2021, although it decreased by 0.4% compared to the month of June this year. With these figures, the community continues to lead as the most inflationary region in the country, with a difference of just over two points compared to the national average.

For the Secretary of Employment and Trade Union Policy of UGT Castilla-La Mancha, Isabel Carrascosa, what is at stake is not only the economic situation of the most vulnerable people in the region, but also the situation of many families who, Even if they work and put money into their homes, they don’t make ends meet.

“The purchasing power of workers is being greatly reduced and wages have barely grown 2.6%. Moreover, according to the latest advance of the INE on the Quarterly National Accounts of the second quarter, final consumption spending decelerates (it grows 1.4 points less than the previous quarter) and the contribution of domestic demand to year-on-year GDP growth” also falls.

UGT claims that raising wages is in these circumstances a major economic and social necessity and demands that a fair distribution of the costs associated with inflationary drift be promoted as a matter of urgency, so that the working class will not be the main victim again in a context of economic adversity.

For the union it is essential to implement temporary and effective measures that put a stop to the uncontrolled growth of the prices of some basic products and services, preventing certain companies and sectors from continuing to expand their profit margins at the expense of the impoverishment of households.

The biggest increases, in housing, electricity and transport

In Castilla-La Mancha -and in relation to last year- prices rose mainly in housing, water, electricity and gas, up to 34.1%; in transport, 16.8%; and in food and non-alcoholic beverages, 14.6%. They increased, but more sparingly, in restaurants and hotels, by 8.7 per cent; in clothing and footwear, by 7.4 per cent; and in furniture, household goods and household items, by 7 per cent.



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