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Works in the Multipurpose Port Terminal of Chancay could turn Peru into the main logistics hub of South America

Works comprising the entrance complex area, port operating area and underground tunnel are under way.


The Chancay Multipurpose Port Terminal will be able to turn Peru into the main logistics hub of South America, allowing the commercialization of products from all the region with the member countries of the economies of Asia-Pacific, said the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Roberto Sánchez, reported El Peruano.

According to recent projections, with the new terminal (located in the province of Huaral, in Lima) transport costs for domestic foreign trade will be significantly reduced.

Work is currently under way on the new first phase, which includes the entrance complex area, port operating area and underground tunnel. Once completed, the port terminal will have a port and administrative area. In addition, the buildings will include docks, breakwaters, maintenance areas and operational function, as well as maneuvering and storage areas and administrative management, among others.

The project consists of three main components. The first is the port operating area, where port activities will be developed. This includes breakwater docks, sea entry channels, maintenance areas and workshops, as well as storage spaces for containers and bulk and rolling cargo.

The second component is the entrance complex and includes the vehicular anteport, entrance gates, customs inspection area, administrative offices and areas of logistics and support services.

The third component is the underground tunnel connecting the entrance complex to the port operating area. It will have a length of 1.8 kilometers and will constitute a segregated and exclusive road corridor for the transit of cargo related to the port operation. It will have three vehicle lanes, two conveyor belts for solid bulk and liquid bulk pipes.

Cosco Shipping Ports Chancay Peru is the company that signed, in 2021, the contract with the Chinese consortium CHEC SAC-CCCC4TH for the construction of the port and administrative area of the complex of entry to the port of said terminal.




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