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The wine stock at 30 June is 39.5 Mhl

Published the existence of wines and musts in Spain, wings doors of the beginning of the new harvest.


The market movements during the last month of June have left the stocks of wine and must without concentration at 30 June at 39.3 million hectolitres, of which 37.4 mhl correspond to wine and 1.9 mhl to concentrated must. Taking into account the stocks at 30 June of other derivatives of the must, which stood at 196,251 hl, the total stocks at the end of June (with one month remaining, therefore, until the end of the marketing year) were 39,5 million hectolitres.

The recovery of consumption in Hospitality compensates for the fall in Food

The recovery of year-on-year consumption in Hospitality, a channel that suffered the most from the effects of the pandemic, compensated for the fall suffered in Food, which was the best behaved during the confinement. In both channels, it is the sparkling wines and wines with Protected Designation of Origin that best evolve.



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