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The organic vineyard grows 33% in 10 years and reaches 142,177 ha in Spain

Coinciding with the commemoration of the international day of organic production, this September 23 (and with notable delay, regarding what would be expected)The Ministry of Agriculture released provisional statistics on this environmentally friendly type of production.


Spain consolidates its position as leader in ecological vineyard area, with a meteoric progression (+33% in the last decade) and after gaining 8.38% compared to 2021 remains unknown its ceiling, with 142,176.9 hectares of vineyard in ecological.

Spain’s ability to adapt to organic viticulture, together with a growing market demand for this type of certification have spurred the production of organic vine in our country, which a decade ago had just 81,262,26 hectares under ecological regime.

By CC.AA., Castilla-La Mancha represents 43.8 of the Spanish organic vine, with a stable area of 62,270.35 hectares; followed by Catalonia (27,161.44 ha, +14.33%), the Valencian Community (16,691.71 hectares of organic vineyards, +22.08%) and the Region of Murcia (13,266.56 ha and a year-on-year growth of 16.7%). These four regions account for 84% of the area of organic vineyard in our country, present, to a greater or lesser extent, in all CC.AA. spanish.

Of the total organic vineyard area, 141,728.31 hectares (99.7% of the total) were vineyards for wine. According to the Ministry’s data, the production of this organic vineyard for wine reached, in 2021, a provisional total of 490,500.68 tons, to which should be added another 4,041.36 tons of table grapes and just 9.79 tons of raisins from organic vineyards.

Considering that, at 31 July 2021, the processing vineyard area planted in our country amounted to 945,578 hectares, the share of the organic vineyard is 15%, with prospects for growth in the immediate future.


As for the number of eco wine operators, the statistics provided by the Ministry collect a total of 1,334 organic wineries and bottlers in 2021, with a significant growth of 9.88% compared to 2020. Most of them are concentrated in Catalonia, with 346 operators in the sector, followed by Castilla-La Mancha (239 wineries and bottlers), C. Valenciana (160), Castilla y León (156) and Andalucía (111).




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