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The first official estimate of wine production in France remains at 42.6-45.6 mhl in the 2022/23 marketing year

First estimates on the grape harvest in France for this season 2022/2023


The French Ministry of Agriculture presented on 9 August its first estimate of wine production, with data as of 1 August, with a processing range of 42.6 million hectolitres (at its lower end) and the 45.6 Mhl marking its upper end. If this first forecast of Agreste is met, France would obtain a production higher than the (weak due to spring frosts) harvest of 2021 (13 to 21% more abundant), but that should be around similar figures or slightly higher than the recent five-year average (located at 42.67 MHz according to this statistical source).

However, it must be borne in mind that this is a preliminary estimate and that it will be refined in the coming months, since the bloody drought and, in some cases, the forest fires, may have an impact on the final production figures that permanent, therefore, still with a significant degree of uncertainty, in a vintage 2022 advanced in its cycle.




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