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The export of Spanish wine is close to 3,000 million euros

Spanish wine shipments have been revalued in the last twelve months with an increase in turnover of 6%.


In the last 12 months, until May 2022, the last month with available data, Spanish wine exports totaled a turnover of 2,917 million euros, representing an increase of 6% over the same period of the previous year, according to the latest report of the MVO published on Friday, July 22.

To reach this figure Spain sent abroad a total of 2,194.2 million liters (+1.3%), which represents an average export price of Spanish wine of 1.33 euros per liter. As exports in value increase to a greater extent than in volume we can say that Spanish wine has appreciated in the last 12 months of the reference period.

If we divide the total number of litres exported into two large groups, packaged and bulk, the report highlights that the value of the wines packaged has grown (+5.7%) despite having lost 3.3% in volume, which allows a revaluation of its average price by 9.3%. Its exports stood, in the year-on-year to May 2022, at 2,421.5 million € and 963.1 million liters, with an average price of 2.51 €/liter.

On the other hand, bulk wines grew both in volume (+8.9%) and in value (+6.9%), also increasing their average price, after fourteen consecutive months of decline (+2.3%), to reach 0.4 euros per liter.

Evolution in 2022

As for the first five months of 2022, the data of the report reveal that Spanish wine exports achieved a positive evolution in their turnover, with a growth of 3.4% to reach 1,160,6 million euros, all this despite having reduced the amount sent a considerable 11% to 831 million liters.

As for the month of May 2022, the last month with data available so far this year, was the best month of May of the historical series in terms of value, reaching a record figure of 285.4 million euros (+15.7% more than in May 2021). A remarkable fact considering that the amount of wine sent (-0.5%) has practically remained the same, up to 192.1 million liters.

This development implies a generalized revaluation of Spanish wine exports in May, highlighting the increase in the month of wines with PDO (+16%, up to 4.78 €/liter) or bulk wines (+34%, up to 0.48 euros per liter).

So far this year, until May, the United States remains the main market for Spanish sparkling wine, with 26 million euros in the first five months of 2022 and growth of 0.9%. Belgium maintains its strong growth (+28%), up to €21.6 million, consolidating in the second position, after surpassing Germany. The German country spent 19.6 million euros on Spanish sparkling wine (+6.5%).

As for the rest of non-sparkling wine, that is to say calm, generous and semi-sparkling wines, the United States was also the first market, increased by 8% to €105.9 million, while sales for exports of bottled wine to the United Kingdom (-13%) and Germany (-13%) fell. On the positive side in value, among the 11 main destinations, we find, in addition to the US, Switzerland (+20%), the Netherlands (+3.4%), Mexico (+63%), France (+23%) and Japan (+16%). On the negative side, euro sales to Canada (-8%), China (-24%) and Belgium (-4.5%) fell.



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