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Spaniards remain faithful to wine consumption during 2022: the year-on-year grows 11.1%

Wine consumption in Spain maintained a good year-on-year growth rate (+11%) in the first five months of 2022. This is undoubtedly good news with the recovery of year-on-year consumption in hospitality, the channel most affected by the restrictions resulting from the pandemic. However consumption in food falls slightly, although it is compensated by the good behavior of consumption in hospitality.


According to the latest market economic report that the Spanish Wine Interprofessional (OIVE) has made available to the sector, wine consumption in Spain seems to stabilize this year. This study that is based on data until May 2022 reflects that the trend continues after the recovery achieved during 2021 after a 2020 complicated by restrictions derived from the pandemic of COVID-19, which affected especially the hospitality channel.

After marking its peak in TAM in February 2022 (+20.8%, to reach 10.63 million hl), the year-on-year growth rate of consumption has softened since then. This situation has coincided with the beginning of a period of great commercial uncertainty, derived from factors such as the rise in energy and fuel prices or the transport and supply crisis, which has led to strong global inflation.


Hospitality compensates for the fall in food

By channels, and according to data from NIELSEN IQ for the TAM Abr-May 22, there has been a growth of 40.8% in the consumption of wine in hospitality and a fall of 6.6% in food. In any case, what is earned in Hospitality is more than what is not sold in Food, since, according to NIELSEN IQ, the overall consumption of both channels grew by 4.9%. In value, spending on wine made in Hospitality at current prices grew 47.8%, while spending on food fell 2.9%.

According to NIELSEN IQ, the growth of wine sales in Spain (Food + Hospitality) has been higher in terms of value (+13%) than volume (+4.9%), increasing the average price by +7.7%. However, it should not be forgotten that there is a difficult situation in which inflation levels have been reached in Spain not seen for more than 35 years.

The most consumed types of wine

Overall (food + hospitality), all product categories have significantly improved their trend compared to previous periods. That is, the ones that grow, more and more, while the ones that fall soften their losses.

In the year-to-year Apr-May 2022, sparkling wines, wines with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and wines with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), which would be the price categories above the rest, are the best behaved in Spain.




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