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Spain: in the region of Valdepeñas the flowering of the vineyard benefited by the sun and a rainy spring

In the field is positively faced one of the most important moments for the vineyard, the fallen rains in recent months have favored the development of the plant that now faces its flowering.


This is a fundamental phase in the vine growth process, flowering will have repercussions on the final production of the future harvest campaign and we are talking about a basic crop in the economy of Valdepeñas and its region. The rainfall recorded so far has benefited the plants, exhausted by a long drought. As explained to Onda Cero Mari Ángeles Ruiz, manager of the Valdepeñas Wine Cooperative.

In addition, Ruiz points out that the heat wave of these days does not have to have a negative impact on the vine. At this time of its vegetative development high temperatures are not harmful, it would only be affected if strong gusts of wind or associated torrential rains occurred.

There is a long time before the harvest and the manager of the Valdepeñas Wine Cooperative recalls that in the countryside things can change quickly. Today, the prospects are rosy.



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