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Spain imported 10.9 million litres more wine in the 1st half of 2022, spending 52.3 million € more

It closes the first half of 2022 with growth in Spanish wine imports, higher in value (+58.8%) than in volume (+47.8%), increasing the average price by 7.5%.


According to data from the AEAT, analyzed by the Spanish Wine Market Observatory (OeMv), Spanish wine imports stood, in the first half of the year, at 33.8 million litres, valued at €141.1 million, at an average price of €4.17/litre.

In absolute terms and compared to the first half of 2021, Spanish wine purchases increased by 10.9 million litres and by 52.3 million €, raising the average price by 29 cents per litre.

By products, in terms of value have increased all analyzed. Only wines with bulk PDO (-0.3%), wines with bulk PGI (-33%) and wines with indication of bulk variety (-47.4%) have fallen within the bulk wine category. Losses compensated, by far, by the extraordinary increase of wines without any indication in bulk (+284.5%), in which Spain has increased its import by 9.3 million €. Highlights the increase in imports in value of sparkling wine (+24.3 million €) and wine with PDO (+10.2 million €).

In terms of volume, only purchases of bulk wine with PGI (-46.7%) and wine with indication of bulk variety (-13%) have fallen, increasing imports of the other products analyzed. With regard to average prices, it is worth noting the increase recorded by sparkling wines (+56%), semi-sparkling wines (+27%), wines with PDO packaging (+16%), wines in BiB (+94%) and wines without any indication in bulk (+58%).



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