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Spain had almost 910,860 ha of non table vineyards distributed in 483,749 farms in 2020

Spain is consolidated as one of the countries with the largest vineyard area in the world.


According to the data of the last Vineyard Survey of the Ministry of Agriculture referred to the year 2020, our country had a total of almost 910,860 hectares of non-table vineyard area. Of this, 46.76% of the total and 425,935 hectares were in the Community of Castilla-La Mancha.

The second region with the largest area, already at quite a distance, was Castile and León, with 8.64% of the total and 78,676 ha of non table grape vines, followed by the Valencian Community, with 6.45% and 58,764 ha, and very close to Catalonia, with 6.27% and 57,136 ha, with La Rioja in fifth place, with 5.21% and almost 47,480 hectares.



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