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Murcia: those affected in the Region by the pedrisco will be distributed 8 million of the insurance

The government delegate points out that the assessments are going fast and criticises the fact that Community aid is lower than in other regions.

The delegate of the Government, José Vélez, reported yesterday that the crops affected by the fallen stone on May 2, which caused significant damage to agricultural holdings in the Region, represent an area of more than 4,000 hectares, with an estimated compensation of EUR 8 million. The crops most affected are fruit trees (mainly apricots) and vegetables (broccoli); as well as almond, wine grapes, citrus, olive and cherry trees.

Vélez explained that the damage is concentrated in the fruit farms, whose compensation represents 84% of the total expected. He bet that the level of insurance in fruit is high, about 80% of production. The appraisals are proceeding rapidly and it is expected that compensation will be paid within approximately 35 days of the completion of the appraisals. The most affected municipalities were Bullas, Mula, Pliego, Caravaca de la Cruz, Cehegín, Jumilla, Moratalla and Yecla.

José Vélez pointed out that «far from the opinions that are sometimes expressed, in the sense that agricultural insurance is less and less useful and that less is contracted, the data show another situation». He indicated that the number of hectares insured increased by 7% in 2019, 18% in 2020 and almost 1% in 2021. The number of animals insured also shows increases.


Contribution of the Ministry

As relevant data, he explained that in the last five years, the total premium paid by farmers in the Region, discounting subsidies, amounted to 228 million euros, while the compensation received in the same period was 392 million. ‘This means that for every 100 euros paid by the insured, he has received an average of 172 euros in compensation. And it would be considerably higher if the regional subsidies were similar to those of other regions», he said in reference to the aid of the Executive of López Miras.

We pledged to act quickly, although it never goes too fast when it comes to the livelihood of so many families who have been harmed by this hailstorm. While the Government of Spain helps, the regional government is silent, and when it speaks it does so to criticize and confront, it never puts solutions on the table», he said.

He concluded that subsidies from the Ministry of Agriculture and Enesa have increased by 41% since 2017.




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