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heat wave in Italy

A stream of hot air coming from the Sahara Desert triggered the thermometers.


Europe is in the midst of an impressive heat wave with temperatures reaching unprecedented limits in the Old Continent. A new heat wave invades Italy, with peaks of up to 42 degrees in some areas, including those of the Padana Plain, Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio, in the north and center of the country.

Italy is going through the worst drought in 70 years and there are emergency free zones. Even the high temperatures have caused a great detachment of ice and snow in the Italian Alps.

An important stream of hot air coming from the Sahara Desert unexpectedly triggered thermometers in «the hottest week of 2022» in Italy, according to meteorologists, and from which only the south of the country will be partially rid.

«With the beginning of the week, the African anticyclone ‍Apocalypse4800′ will become stronger and more powerful, which will cause record temperatures in many cities», commented the meteorologist and founder of the portal ilMeteo, Antonio Sanò.

The hottest places

The areas most affected by the impressive heat wave are the Padana Plain (north), already badly damaged by the extreme drought in the Po Valley, as well as in Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio (centre), with peaks of up to 42 degrees and temperatures that will be around 30 degrees during the nights, almost two more than the average of other years in this summer season.

The wave of high temperatures has been hitting Italy and other parts of Europe since the end of May and will continue throughout the month of July.

Despite its greater intensity, this heat wave is not something «exceptional», but a reality that shows that it is entering a «new era: that of fire, sand and heat», highlighted today the Italian geologist Mario Tozzi in an interview to the Italian newspaper La Reppublcia.





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