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Hail causes major damage to the vineyard in Aliaguilla, Cuenca

Hail has caused significant damage to the vineyard in Aliaguilla. As explained to CMM Cuenca the mayor, Manuel Saéz, the vines have run out of leaf so the grapes will not ripen more and will prevent it from reaching more degrees.


In this municipality Conquense was going to start the harvest in just fifteen days or twenty days, but for the moment it is practically given for loss.

Table for the drought next week

Torrential rains that occur when the problems of drought continue to worry in Spain. The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, has advanced that he will convene the table of drought «in the coming days», after the strong impact it is having for farmers and ranchers.

«We will convene the drought table again in the coming days, although the measures approved in March remain in force,» said Planas after the meeting he held with the Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty of France, Marc Fesneau, where they have addressed this important issue for both countries.

The head of Agriculture acknowledged that he was «very surprised» to hear the «numerous requests for meetings by people who were unaware that the table of drought was already working since last March 4 and after taking important measures in mid-March».

Planas recalled that this week the European Commission confirmed that 47% of the EU is subject to a «severe or very severe drought» and pointed out that he has explained to the head of French Agriculture «measures that the Government of Spain has adopted in this matter with the decree law that is in force and that includes measures of fiscal and social bonuses».




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