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Asaja warns that without aid «it will be very difficult to survive» because of this «stubborn drought»

Pedro Gallardo warns of important reduction in the harvest also of sunflower and olive.


It’s a crazy situation. This is how the president of Asaja in Cadiz described the consequences of the persistent drought we have been suffering and its consequences already in the very short term. Warns of a significant reduction in the harvest, as is already being advanced, the sunflower or olive when it begins its collection. Pedro Gallardo recalls that «in the vineyard production has been reduced by more than 40% with respect to an average year, the sunflower in Cadiz more than 55% and surely will be reduced also in the olive at the time we begin. It is a very difficult year because it is a very drastic drought that we have been suffering for years»

In order to relieve the sector, which has already been hit hard, he warns that it is «very important» to articulate measures to help farmers, «everything that entails a tax cut will help and then we are very clear, we clearly ask not only the Junta, also the Spanish Government and the European Union, we will ask for direct aid from its reserve fund, which amounts to more than 500 million euros

In September, the association has planned meetings to organize mobilizations in the coming months.




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