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Agroseguro has already received claims from 417 plots

Most of these declarations come from farms located in the towns of Ateca and Moros.


Claims for damages caused by the fire in Ateca in the Community of Calatayud region of Zaragoza, where the fire destroyed 14,000 hectares continue to reach the direction of Agroseguro in Aragon.

As of August 1, as explained by its director, Juan Cruzan, the number of parts submitted affect 416 plots totaling 191 hectares, detailing both crop losses and planting.

The fruit has been the most damaged production. Of the declarations submitted, 246 plots are affected that are occupied by this crop. All of them have a total area of 72 hectares. To them must be added the parts that correspond to 77 parcels of cherries (in Agroseguro there is a differentiated line for this crop), which correspond to a total of 25 hectares.

But they have also been declared sinister in herbaceous and vineyard. Up to Agroseguro had reached last Monday a total of 58 claims for damage that the violent fire has caused in 57 hectares where cereal is produced. And although fewer have also reached the territorial management of the insurance company claims parts of 36 vineyard plot, which refer to the losses suffered in a total of 36 hectares.

The vast majority of these declarations come from farms located in the towns of Ateca and Moros, the latter being the most affected by the fire. Cruzán also explained that Agroseguro expects that the drip of claims will continue in the coming days and explained that the surveys are already underway, especially on those farms where the collection was going to begin.




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