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Agroseguro advances the payment of compensation to Valencian winegrowers with very high or total damage in their vineyards

Agroseguro has already paid 1.17 million euros to insured winegrowers who, during the last season, have suffered damage of more than 85% in their vineyards.


With this measure, the Group fulfills its commitment to offer the best quality of service to its insured, streamlining the appraisal processes and advancing the payment of claims several weeks, to enable the farmers concerned to carry out all the work which they consider most appropriate for their holding for the next harvest year.

570,000€ have been paid to insured producers in the Valencian Community for high damages in 1,270 hectares of vineyards in the provinces of Valencia and Alicante, with the pedrisco registered at the beginning of July as the main responsible for the losses.

They have also paid 597.000€ to insured winegrowers in Castilla-La Mancha (provinces of Albacete, Ciudad Real, Cuenca and Toledo), corresponding to damages in 3.009 hectares. Most of them are due to the effect of the strong pedrisco storms recorded in recent weeks, as well as to the spring frosts.

Agroseguro recalls that the usual practice for the valuation of damages in vineyards is that an expert makes an immediate visit after the declaration of loss and subsequently, with the end of guarantees and at dates close to the harvest (in the month of September), a final valuation is made and the process to complete the payment of compensation is initiated. In this case, the winegrowers who receive the advance payment, the first visit has been enough to issue a definitive appraisal to suffer damage greater than 85% in their vineyards.




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