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A grape campaign with more quality, but less quantity due to dryness and lack of moisture

The grape harvest begins with the end of summer, although the white varieties are usually ahead of the red varieties and, as explained by the winemaker of La Finca La Estacada, David Moreno, “we have already started to collect the Chardonnay, the Sauvignon Blanc, the Viognier or the Muscat”.


This year the grape has not had any kind of disease having had a dry summer, apart “we treat the vineyard in an ecological way that, with the dryness that has been this summer of high temperatures and low humidity, has helped us to control fungal diseases and the yellow spider or common also with our ecological treatments,” says David Moreno. In addition, he adds that “the grape has come healthy, which is the main thing, but with a lower degree than normal because with the heat the plant stops putting glucose and fucosa to the grape, and puts it to its roots and its trunk as a reserve for the heat. Even so, it has come with a grade of 11 and good acidity”.

Weather conditions affect, but, as the winemaker says, “we have caught it at its point, every year is different, but we have caught it with good acidity and good malic acid so that the grapes have fresh aromas and a fresh and fun wine in the mouth”. Although, above all, it has affected the quantity because “we are collecting 20% less because the grapes did not gain weight,” says David Moreno.

The winemaker David Moreno hopes that the quality of the grape is much better than last year because “being the smallest grape, we have more proportion of skin than pulp and there is more concentration of color, aromas and flavors”.




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